3 reasons SEO is important for your web page

Billions of people search the websites before making any big purchases. You should let your site appear on the first page of the search engine page rank so that more visitors can visit your site. SEO is very important for your web page. Here are the reasons why.



SEO is a cost-effective way of ranking your page. PPC requires a good budget, but the cost of SEO is very low. All you need to have is patience to find out keywords and write good content.


Higher page rank

SEO will help your site to be on the first page of the search engine results pages. Most of the people don’t go beyond the first page of Google when searching for products or services. So, being on the first page will help you to attract more visitors to your site.



Many people don’t click on the sites that are ranked using PPC. They trust the organic ranking more. So, if you can make the page rank high using SEO then you will have more visitors to your site.

Though there are PPC and other ways of boosting your page rank, ranking your site using SEO is the best. The visitors will trust your page and the Google will also consider your site to be a good one. The impression of SEO-ranked sites lasts for a long time. You just need to have some knowledge about the Google’s algorithm so that you can change your SEO strategy accordingly.